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How My Bad Car Day Empowered Me – and Maybe You Too

I love my job. My husband loves his. We both love our children. Focusing on family and career is complicated and can be frustrating. The smallest things can totally mess up our routine.

One day, while my husband was making breakfast and I was helping our son find his other shoe, Yama asked me, “Hey, can you take the SUV in for an oil change? It’s almost overdue.”

“I have to stop at COSTCO and be back in time to show homes to a client. I won’t have time,” I called down the hall.

I found the shoe. It was out by the pool. Obviously.

“But I have back-to-back meetings all morning,” he said. “I won’t be clear until lunch, which I’ll have half an hour for, and then it’s right back into meetings again until late afternoon.” I could hear in his voice how he felt trapped.

With his engineering background, he’s very meticulous about the family cars, especially about safety, which actually includes stuff like oil changes. I’m pretty OCD myself, so I understood where he was coming from.

I’ll spare you the boring parts as we went back and forth about who had what to do at which time over the next few days. Suffice to say, we were busy. The kids had stuff. We had stuff. He had work stuff. I had a business to run.

There just isn’t ever a good time for something like oil changes, even if it “only takes an hour or two.”

It doesn’t matter who is going to drop the car off. Or who is going to pick up whom and drive them back and forth between work, the shop, and home. No matter what, an hour or two is a massive chunk of a day that is already all filled up.

That’s when we had the epiphany.

“This is ridiculous,” he said to me as we were trying to figure the timing out. “There has to be a better way.” Which I think is what has always been said right before someone gets a really cool idea.

“Why doesn’t anyone deliver auto care?” I replied. “You can get groceries, dinner, and essentially everything else you buy dropped off right at your front door. Why is there no delivery service for oil changes?”

We both kind of laughed. Mostly out of frustration at first, but then we were staring at each other. That was the moment.

He’s always been entrepreneurial minded and has a long history of corporate leadership. And I’m a certified Realtor, doing interior designs and staging for years on my own. Business is in our blood. So … it just clicked.

WE would deliver the oil changes. Why couldn’t it be us?

And so we did. We decided the time was right for an oil change revolution, an Oil REVOlution. It took some time and a lot of work, but we built it, and it is real. Something new and different, better for people and better for the planet, too.

As businesspeople, starting a new business, finding qualified technicians, and navigating permits and governmental red tape was already a day-to-day reality for us. We were not intimidated. As a technology-savvy individual and having dealt with engineers and contractors throughout his professional life—not to mention being an automotive enthusiast practically since birth—my husband was in his element in the world of these machines. Like a fish in water.

As parents and working people, and as people who deeply care about this Earth we all live upon, we have devoted ourselves to this idea. Getting an oil change is a necessary and important service. We have made it simple. We’ll bring it to you, so that you can go about your day. And we do it in a way that reduces the overall footprint on the environment.

Let us help you find more time for your family, your work, your church, mosque, or synagogue.

Oil Revo is about oil changes and maintenance services that come to you.

  1. We will do the job right.

  2. We will do it on time.

  3. We will use top-quality materials.

  4. We will do the work with respect for your vehicle.

  5. We will do it with love and respect for the environment.

  6. We will do it with state-of-the-art technology.

If you’ve ever wanted, or needed, a better way to get your cars serviced, now you have one with Oil Revo. Let our skilled, experienced, and highly trained technicians come to your home or workplace and take care of that oil change and vehicle maintenance for you, while you take care of the things that matter most to you.

We can change the oil, the filter, and haul off the waste—for gasoline and diesel vehicles. We’ll check fluid levels. We’ll check your car’s battery. We’ll check wipers, rotate tires, and if you like, even do a thorough multi-point vehicle inspection. If an air filter or cabin filter needs replacement, we’ve got you covered, too.

And it’s not just your car, truck, or SUV we can help with. If you’ve got an RV, motorhome, or a generator, we can service those as well. We even have fleet services if you need. But whatever you need, the point remains the same, we will bring those services to your home or work. Take your time back by letting us come to you.

All you have to do is call. Or click. Make your appointment today.

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