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Auto Service and Back to School

Be Ready for Back to School

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The kids are going to be headed back soon, some already are. So now you have all that driving to do, with drop offs, pick-ups, and various practices and appointments. Soon after will come the holidays. It doesn’t end until summer again next year.

The older kids need transportation, too. Your teen driver, or even your college student, may have their own car that they drive. So, before they get back on the road headed toward campus, make sure you’ve got their car, truck, or SUVs maintenance handled.

Back-to-School Oil Change Service: College and High School Student Cars

Some kids are more on top of keeping their car serviced regularly than others (same as adults!). But before your future alumni heads back to the books, let Oil Revo take care of that critical maintenance for you.

Best part, we can bring that service to you. You know you’re going to miss them while they are gone, so why lose a minute with them before they leave? Schedule an appointment, and we’ll come to where you or your kid works (if he or she has a summer job), or we’ll just come to your house and handle it for you there. We even work on Saturdays!

Back-to-School Oil Change Service: Taking Care of the Little Ones

For many of our customers, the kids aren’t old enough to drive yet—or they haven’t gotten around to getting a license yet even though they could, which is more common than many people think. Kids that don’t drive yet means the driving is all left up to you.

Your vehicle has to be up and ready to roll at all times. When do you have time to get into a lube shop, wait around—or worse arrange for a ride to work after you drop it off, and another ride to go and pick it up—and get that lube, oil, and filter change between the start of school and the end of it. Not to mention going back mid-day because little Johnny left his homework behind or lost his lunch card. Again.

We get it. Oil Revo wants to make your life easy. Even if we just take that one thing off your plate. It’s one less worry and one less headache.

We will come to your house or to your place of work. We’ll come at the time you choose. We’ll do the oil change, filter, and lube service, including using the correct type of oil and the right filter for your car. Our products are all of the highest quality.

We will inspect your car’s fluid levels, check belts and hoses, and perform a general under hood vehicle inspection to ensure that your car is ready for rigors of back to school.

In addition, after the service we will dispose of all waste materials properly and in a way that meets or exceeds all the highest standards for preserving and protecting the environment. After all, what’s the point of educating our children for the future if there is no planet for them to live on?

Call or click for an appointment today!

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